Careers – Dea

Y9 students were asked to research from a range of careers in the arts in preparation for selecting their GCSE options.  This is an excellent example of written work by Dea.

I decided to choose the career ‘Fashion’ from the list because I am very into fashion.  I think it’s very important that one dresses well.  This is due to the fact that when you first meet anyone in life they will judge you on the way you dress, therefore you must ensure you always look your best and this is why talented fashion designers are around, and I aspire to be a bit like them and take a lot of pride in the way I look.

There are many responsibilities of being a fashion designer, more than people think.  For example – High Street Fashion is where the majority of designers work and where garments are mass manufactured.  Also, there are ready to wear lines.  This is where designers establish ready to wear garments in small numbers.  In addition there is a huge amount of work spent on  Haute Couture.  This is when the designers spend lots of time working on their one off garment for the catwalk; these items are usually unique and not everyday clothing.

Coco Chanel – the French fashion designer.

Chanel opened her first clothing boutique in 1910 in Paris.  At first, she only sold hats, but her creativity led to her quickly beginning to make and sell clothing.  By 1920, her fashions became popular, and she introduced her perfume called Channel No.5.  Throughout her life Chanel changed fashion by creating pieces sought after by people around the world.  Her little black dress was one of her most popular designs.  As of 2015, Chanel continues to operate as a company.  Muiccia Prada is a fashion designer famous for using traditional style with a modern influence.  She is mostly famous for her line of handbags and the brad she started named ‘Mui Mui’.

You need many skills to be successful at being a fashion designer such as having an eye for colour, texture and shapes.  This means you are able to know which garments go well with others and which materials should be worn.  Additionally you must have the ability to spot and develop trends as well as having good technical skills (pattern cutting and sewing).  You would need to study art and textiles at A Level for 2-3 years to get into this career.  Being a fashion designer you would earn £127,820 per year.

The best thing about being a fashion designers is that although you go through a lot of hard work and stress to produce your garment or item the end product will be astounding and all the praise you shall receive for it will be beneficial to all the hard work.  The worst things in this career is that in order to succeed you have to sacrifice your time to look at new materials and producing your garment you may have to give up holidays or weekends.

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