2014 – 15

Paper Bridges

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 Students were provided with white copy paper and tape.  Working in groups they were asked to create a free standing bridge idea using tightly rolled up sheets of A4.

Y8, paper and tape, various sizes, 2015

Thomas Heatherwick – Garden Bridge Research

Bridge Drawings

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Nine Elms To Pimlico Bridge Competition 2015

Produce a concept design for a new cycle and pedestrian bridge across the River Thames in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

“This competition is calling for architects from across the globe to come forward with exceptional, inspiring designs for a new bridge at the centre of the world’s greatest city. The successful entry will have to win the hearts of Londoners who are tremendously proud of their river and its rich architectural heritage.


This bridge has the potential to become one of the most expressive and visible landmarks in London, heralding the changes that are taking place south of the river and making vital connections to the north shore. In its early years it will be a symbolic reminder to the rest of London that the newly created district around Nine Elms has awakened – and is well worth a visit.  As time goes by, it will become a much loved and much used Thames crossing: an integral part of London’s ever growing infrastructure.


The Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge needs to be delivered to the highest quality standards:

  1. It must be inspiring, elegant and functional in its design and perfect in its execution.
  2. It must be readily used by cyclists and pedestrians alike and also provides adequate headroom for river traffic.
  3. The functionality and buildability aspects of each design will be assessed.
  4. How the bridge looks from afar, as it bestrides the Thames, what if feels like to cross and how it touches land on either shore – and the places that it creates around each landing point – will be critical to its success.
  5. The bridge is part of the infrastructure package needed to support growth in Nine Elms and Vauxhall where tens of thousand of new jobs and homes are now being created alongside billions in growth and tax receipts.


Design Sheets

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Finished Models for Proposed New London Bridge

Photographs of bridge design maquettes on London river map

Y8, various materials and sizes, 2015

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