DAY ONE 29/06/15

Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou Centre was designed in the style of ‘HighTech architecture by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, along with Gianfranco Franchini.  It houses a vast public library, the Musée National d’Art Moderne, which is the largest museum for modern art in Europe, and IRCAM, a centre for music and acoustic research.

IMG_0487  IMG_0488  IMG_0489

  IMG_0491  20150714085416563_0052

20150708091550830_0008   20150714085416563_0048   20150708091550830_0001

  IMG_0492  IMG_0493  IMG_0496

IMG_0508   20150708091550830_0010

IMG_0498  20150708091550830_0007  IMG_0499

20150714085416563_0060   20150714085416563_0049   20150714085416563_0054

IMG_0501  20150714085416563_0061IMG_0502  20150708091550830_0005

  IMG_0507  20150708091550830_0009

IMG_0504  IMG_0503  IMG_0505

20150708091550830_0006  IMG_0506   IMG_0511

IMG_0512 IMG_051020150708091550830_0013

DAY TWO 30/06/15

Musée de Montmartre and Jardins de Renoir, Musée Rodin and the Eiffel Tower

We started the second day of the trip at Musée de Montmartre and Jardins de Renoir, where we were taken on a tour of the galleries and Gardens. The collection is composed of paintings, posters and drawings of Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Kupka, Steinlen, Valadon, and Utrillo. Together, the artworks recount the history of Montmartre.  The gardens are named in memory of the Impressionist painter Renoir who lived on-site between 1875 and 1877, and painted several of his famous masterpieces.

At Musée Rodin students had the chance to visit the fabulous sculpture park where they could draw and relax in the wonderful gardens. We followed our visit here with a quick walk to the Eiffel Tower.

P1050949  P1050959

P1050972  P1050976  P1050975


P1050984  20150708091550830_0011  P1060033  P1050987

20150714085416563_0056   20150714085416563_0050

P1060006  P1060003  P1060002


P1060017  20150708091550830_0018  P1060004

P1060029  20150708091550830_0014  P1060026

 P1060008  20150708091550830_0003  P1060028

20150708091550830_0021  P1060027  20150708091550830_0022

20150708091550830_0017   20150708091550830_0016


DAY THREE 01/07/15

Musée de’l Orangeries

Our final visit will be to Musée de’l Orangeries, home of two prestigious collections, alongside their current sculpture show.

Pictured is Monet’s both monumental and intimate, Water Lilies (Les Nymphéas), the ultimate expression of Claude Monet’s artistic ideas. The paintings are housed in two elliptical rooms, encouraging the visitor to gaze in endless contemplation.  The second unique collection illustrates the creative work of the first decades of the 20th century.  Paul Guillaume provided support to Picasso, Soutine, Derain and Marie Laurencin, as well as taking an interest in their predecessors, particularly Renoir and Cézanne. Guillaume’s premature death in 1934 prevented his dream of transforming his private collection into a museum of modern art from being realised. His wife completed and modified the collection before donating the works to the French State in 1960.

P1060045 P1060067

P1060046  20150708091550830_0005 20150714085416563_0057


P1060055  P1060049  20150708091550830_0004

 P1060058  20150708091550830_0019  P1060057

20150708091550830_0011 (2)  P1060053  P1060050

 P1060059  20150708091550830_0015  P1060052

 20150714085416563_0051   P1060056  20150708091550830_0020

P1060062  P1060061

P1060054  P1060051  20150708091550830_0023  P1060064

P1060063  P1060066

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