Royal British Society of Sculptors Visit

Just after the Easter holidays the Royal British Society of Sculptors Education Department came to visit the Art Department. They had seen the Yr 10 and Yr 11 sculpture work on and were impressed with not only the risk-taking by the students but also the fact that we actually do sculpture as part of the GCSE course. They said that quite a few schools shy away from sculpture. We showed the Society the Year 10 mini-models, which are a development towards a final piece.  The idea behind the work is to blend fine art sculpture with an element of functionality.

There visit was timed with a new exhibition at their home in South Kensington called the RBS Bursary Awards: Each year RBS Bursaries are awarded to ten early career artists working in three dimensions, of any age and nationality, who have been judged to be of outstanding potential.

It is a very exciting show that pushes the boundaries of what sculpture can be. Julie Beech from the Society has kindly agreed to judge the winner of the best sculpture made by the Yr 10 when they will be finished in the summer term.


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