Animation Club

The works and fun from Animation Club.

Drawing Action Poses



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The students here were learning to draw action poses and the human body in proportion, the best way to do this is to be rough and carefree about your drawing to help your mind grasp the concept. These were some of the final drawings from students which compared to their first are a great example of progression!

Sophie Rodriguez



Sophie is very bright in Art and has shown amazing talent non-stop at Animation Club. In the club last week, we learnt to draw Anatomy and she took what she learnt to the next level and attempted something of her own. This ballerina’s pose and emotion really sets the mood that she is in action and not a still and boring object – keep it up!

dragonball z frames

20151014112251819_0001 20151014112251819_0002

Some coloured frames from Ademayo, Nicholas and Riyaan’s hard work. They understand the amount of time and effort that goes in to making an animation, they are doing the “Traditional” method of animation where each frame is hand-drawn. Currently they are creating the background and cleaning up the frames! I am excited to help them put it altogether.

Ademayo & Co.

Ademayo, Nicholas and Riyaan have been developing their own Animation project. They have been inspired by Dragon Ball Z and have been drawing numerous poses of Vegito. They really understand how movement is shown through action poses – this is the start of upcoming animators! Awesome stuff!