Happy Christmas!!

The House Christmas card competition had over 50 entries all of excellent festive quality: it was very difficult picking the final winners! The Spartans were the most festive House submitting the most entries. The overall winner (Fuchun Year7) and runner up (Alan Year 9) actually made 3D cards which are fantastic (see below) and the winners from each House (Lydia Year 10, Nina, Harry and Angelina all Year 7) had their submissions put onto the official School Christmas card (also below at the bottom).

Thank you to all those who entered.




Yr10 London Art Trip

Y10 are focusing on Typography for their current GCSE topic and this trip was to inspire them for the next stage of the project. Miss Stewart’s group went on Tuesday 6th Dec and Mr B-A’s group went on Thursday the 8th.

We went to the Phillip’s Auction House in Berkley Square to see the preview of the ‘New Now’ contemporary art sale

We also visited the Gagosian (the richest dealer in the world) gallery in Grovesnor Hill to see the famous Post-Pop text artist Ed Ruscha–october-05-2016 .

Then there was the Lights of Soho gallery, a small cafe/bar space showing neon lights from ‘Gods own Junk Yard’ in Walthamstow, the collection of Artist Chris Bracey

A good experience all round!

Turner Prize 2016 Tate Britain


Have a look at the shortlist for this year’s most controversial art prize!!

I (Mr B-A) went on Saturday 13th November and it was as The Guardian says, ‘Baffling’.