Images from WLFS art trips to cultural institutions across the UK.

Yr11 GCSE Art Trip Jan 2017

As part of the preparation for the GCSE exam Year 11 went to Phillip’s Auction House to see the preview for The Editions auction

The Year 11 were generally amazed at some of the prices of the work. One of David Hockney’s iPad drawings went for around £25,000.

We then went to see the mini-retrospective of the amazing Ceramicist Ken Price who died recently at Hauser and Wirth Gallery in Saville Row.

After that we took the bus to Hyde Park to see the intricate and detailed early paintings and drawings by Zaha Hadid at The Serpentine Gallery, who also died recently.

Yr8 Design Museum Visit Jan 2017

We took the whole of Year8 to the new Design Museum in Kensington housed in the old Commonwealth Centre (originally opened by HRH The Queen in 1962). We visited the new permanent collection of design classics (mainly from the 70s and 80s) and also the Beasley Awards which champions innovative new design concepts.

It was a great day out and good to link the interior design and pattern work that we have been doing in class to what was on offer in the museum.

Yr10 London Art Trip

Y10 are focusing on Typography for their current GCSE topic and this trip was to inspire them for the next stage of the project. Miss Stewart’s group went on Tuesday 6th Dec and Mr B-A’s group went on Thursday the 8th.

We went to the Phillip’s Auction House in Berkley Square to see the preview of the ‘New Now’ contemporary art sale

We also visited the Gagosian (the richest dealer in the world) gallery in Grovesnor Hill to see the famous Post-Pop text artist Ed Ruscha–october-05-2016 .

Then there was the Lights of Soho gallery, a small cafe/bar space showing neon lights from ‘Gods own Junk Yard’ in Walthamstow, the collection of Artist Chris Bracey

A good experience all round!

Yr12 Art Trip to London

Yr12 are currently developing work towards making a portrait inspired by a historical painting of their choice. We visited the National Gallery to look at some classic portraits from 1500s to C.19. We then visited the brand new Skarstedt Gallery in London which is showing the highly acclaimed ‘History Portraits’ by Cindy Sherman also inspired by famous artworks. Finally, we visited the National Portrait Gallery to find a last hit of inspiration for colour, composition and style.


Some popular paintings from the trip chosen by students are below:

Laurence Stephen (‘L.S.’) Lowry (1887-1976), Painter


Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem (1562-1638)
Two Followers of Cadmus devoured by a Dragon
National Gallery of Art, London



Silkscreen at L.C.C. Art Activities Week

Silkscreen printing at the London College of Communication
11 pupils (6 Year10 and 5 Year7) and 2 staff (Mr B-A and Ms Barrett) had the fantastic opportunity to design and print T-shirts at LCC in Elephant and Castle, part of the University of the Arts, kindly organised by one of the WLFS parents Jackson Jessop. We started off on the Monday by using the Mac computer suite to design variations of the school logo. We wanted to subvert in a Banksy style the face of Cicero by referencing famous artists such as Lichenstein and Warhol.
Dan the friendly and helpful assistant and graduate from LCC showed us how to prepare a screen to get it ready for printing. On the second day we then had a demonstration and then started the epic task of custom printing 70 T-shirts. It was an intense process but the pupils created amazing results. It was a really unique activity and we are grateful to Mr Jessop and his team at LCC for providing such an engaging workshop. The T-shirts were sold at the PTA Summer fair with proceeds going back into the school. Well done to all the pupils involved.

Yr10 Royal College of Art MA show visit

The Year 10 went to visit one of the most famous art institutions for post-graduate study in the world. We took over the entire top deck of the N0.19 and went see the Painting and Sculpture at the Dyson building in Battersea and then made the long walk back to the Kensington Gore site where we saw vehicle design and other forms of interactive design. It was a good opportunity to see where the culmination of the study of art practice can take you if you choose to follow this pathway. Whilst a very difficult world to thrive in, the RCA is one of the best springboards as well as Goldsmiths’, The Slade and the University of the Arts also in London to start a career in the visual arts.

The pupils in most cases found the work fun and challenging and really enjoyed the more informal presentation of the work as opposed to a commercial gallery or museum.